Dirty Ducts can be Detrimental in Savage & Laurel, MD

Duct cleaning is important because as air circulates through your HVAC system, particles (pollen, pet hair/dander, dust, skin cells, and clothing fibers) collect in the ducts and can be recirculated in your home or business. We advise that every three to five years, ducts are cleaned to eliminate the build up that can occur.

Another time that duct cleaning is recommended is after any construction is complete because the fine particulates from sanding and cutting can all end up in the ducts. So, during post-construction clean up, it is advised that ducts are cleaned to remove any construction dust that could recirculate and irritate your airways and nasal passages.

J & K Complete Services works closely with a company that performs all duct cleaning services to create healthy indoor air environments.

Pricing breakdown:

  • Single Family Home, 1 system: $495
  • Additional Systems up to 3 Total: $395 each
  • Townhouse: $395
  • Condominimum: $345
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: $195 with Duct Cleaning $95
  • Anti-Microbial Applications: $149
  • Aeroseal-Air Duct Sealing: $1,795