J & K Complete Services, Inc. restored my home to its original greatness after a cracked waste stack and black mold made it uninhabitable.

After weeks of dehumidifiers and super-sized air filtration machines with outtake tubes the size of a waterslide running from the front door to the back, Jimmy Doukas and his two-man team came in and far surpassed all of my expectations!

I was first impressed that Mr. Doukas “spoke-the-language” that was written in the report from the lab that analyzed air samples/swabs from the contaminated areas within and below my home. it was comforting to hear that I wasn’t the worst restoration project and that J & K’s disaster specific cleaning would make things livable again.

Together, he and his two-man team worked professionally, thoroughly, companionably and non-stop over a three-day period. And, they patiently worked around my schedule and got the job done!

J&K’s not having a “Big Brand,” I’ll admit that I was skeptical at the start of the remedial project. In the end, everything was returned to order and “Sparkling” clean!

Also, Mr. Doukas and his team were compassionate of my feelings throughout the process. With J & K’s help…a nightmare was “turned around” with such a great result! Most sincerely, I thank Mr. Doukas and his team and highly recommend his service and staff.