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We Clean Up Gross Messes in Savage & Laurel, MD

Bio-hazard waste is a mess to clean and something you may not even know how to complete. Sewer lines can break under a home or business and the mess can quickly fill up crawl spaces and living areas.

When the worst possible scenario happens, trust us to clean it right the first time.

  • Sewer line breaks
  • Animal nests and dead animals
  • Death and crime scene clean up

Dead Animals

When the weather gets cold and we all go indoors, sometimes little critters follow us because they are cold during the winters also. After an extremely cold winter, when the spring thaw starts, you may notice an unpleasant odor. This may be due to an animal having died in your attic, your exhaust vents, or a crawl space. J & K Complete Services is skilled at removing this type of bio-hazardous waste and eliminating that unpleasant odor.

Blood Stain Removal

We do residential and commercial blood stain removal. J & K Complete Services has the knowledge to kill blood borne pathogens and remove stains, saving you from having to replace carpet or flooring after a blood spill.

Trauma/Crime Scene Clean Up

Whether it’s right after a trauma or it’s been a few days, it’s not too late to get some help cleaning up the mess. We are here to help you and our staff is highly effective at cleaning up the messes that can remain after an injury so that you can focus on recovering instead of scrubbing and carrying spoiled items.