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Sewer Damage Services in Savage & Laurel, MD

Whether your toilet is overflowing, your laundry sink is now a waterfall, or there are gurgling drains in your floor, we can help restore your home back to a healthy condition. Sewer lines can break under a home or business and the mess can quickly fill up crawl spaces and living areas.

Sewer water is dangerous. Please DO NOT touch this water without gloves on! Do not pick up anything that is in the water or splash it around if you are not wearing gloves. Sewer backups in your house can be very dangerous because they are not only your germs but often the germs of other people that have backed up into your home.

Even when the sewer water has dried, germs can transfer to your shoes and hands so it is important to get professional help cleaning this type of mess.

Our staff is trained to take your sewer damage seriously. If you are experiencing a sewer disaster, call us immediately for help.