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Water Damage Services in Savage & Laurel, MD

Whether your hot water heater is leaking, a pipe broke, or your sump pump has failed you, we can get you dry! Every crew manager is certified in the industry recognized standard of properly mitigating water damage. We use air movers and dehumidfiers as well as non-invasive moisture probes so that we do not further damage your walls while we check for wetness. Anti-microbial chemicals are used to protect against spore growth when necessary.

Flood Damage

Flooding is extremely damaging to a house. As flood waters rise and enter your home, the walls and flooring give way to the liquid, leaving you with extensive damage. Ready to clean up the mess? Our quick reliable service can help with:

  • Drywall and floor removal
  • Dehumidifiers for all rooms
  • Rooms seal off

Working hand in hand with insurance companies

Large damage claims are likely to go through insurance to cover all the damages. We work closely with area and national insurance agencies to get your dwelling dried out. Certified staff is available.

If you need recommendations for a contractor or a flooring person, please feel free to ask. We have some other companies we trust that can take care of you once your home is dry.