Fire/Smoke Clean-Up

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No-worry Solutions to Fire & Smoke Damage in Savage & Laurel, MD


Whether you’re a company with a melted down server room, or a residence with a small kitchen fire, we can help clean up the aftermath. If you’ve had a fire in your home, you may be shocked at the volume of water that remains once the fire fighters drive away. Fires can be devastating and the damage extensive. Even with small fires that do not require the fire department, soot clean up can be extensive.

If you face a fire in your home, and are not sure where to turn to start the clean-up process, our reliable crew is ready to take good care of you.

  • Fire damage removal
  • Water cleanup
  • Smell removal

Puff Back Fires

Puff Back Fires can involve very detailed clean up. Our staff are experts at handling this unique type of fire created by an oil burning furnace burning impurely and spitting out oily soot into the air.