3 Things that Can Destroy Your Carpet (and How to Prevent Delamination):

Three Things that Can Destroy Your Carpet (and How to Prevent Delamination):
1. Salt, sand, and ice-melt are very hard on carpet and carpet backing. As the sand and salt fall between the carpet fibers and rub against the backing of the carpet, they cause a grinding that can lead to delamination. Delamination is the separating of the glue or backing of the carpet from the carpet fibers themselves. Getting carpets cleaned as soon as possible after the winter season has ended, will extend the life of your carpets.
Anatomy of your Carpet
Anatomy of your Carpet
2. We know it’s really cold and you want to dash out of the shower and get into your warm clothes, but standing in front of your dresser or closet picking your outfit while dripping water onto the carpet, increases the delamination of the carpet backing, which can cause wrinkles or bumps over time. So, dry off completely, or pick your outfit ahead of time and bring it with you into the bathroom. Your carpets will thank you!
3. Cabin fever is a real thing and we can get bored with the winter furniture arrangement. But pushing the dresser full of clothes or home entertainment center around the room can damage your carpet! Remove the drawers or electronics, and get a friend to help you lift the furniture to move it in order to prevent irreparable damage to carpets. It’s a good excuse to get together with friends and make a pact to help each other rearrange. Help yourself and your buddy this spring by taking the extra time to lighten and lift furniture before moving it.
If none of your buddies are available, call J & K Complete Services and we’ll come out to help you move those large furniture pieces! If you have any questions about how to protect your carpets from damage, please do not hesitate to give us a call. 301-206-2500

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