Upholstery Cleaning to the Rescue: Post Super Bowl Winning

The Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get those greasy fingerprints off your couch arm rests and clean the smears of dropped chicken wings and potato chips off of the recliner. Food oils can attract and hold dirt on your upholstery making it appear dingy and dirty. Over time, oils can actually break down the fabric of your furniture causing arm rests to disintegrate more easily. Upholstery cleaning is a simple and affordable way to freshen your home.

True or False?

The armrest of your couch/recliner is split because of the weight of your hands pressing down as you stand up.

False: Splits in the fabric are often the result of oils breaking down the cloth fibers, which can make the fabric brittle.

Upholstery can be the culprit for hidden odors in a room. Fabrics of couches and recliners can trap odors from foods and bodies. If a room has an unpleasant odor, the upholstery in the room may be overlooked as the cause of the smell. Before you think about replacing your furniture, give us a call for a FREE upholstery cleaning estimate. It’s worth saving several hundred dollars!

If you have pets, upholstery cleaning can eliminate allergens such as pet hair and pet dander from your furniture. We have special pet chemicals available upon request that are safe for pets to be exposed to. These not only break down pet dander and oils but also break down and flush out urine, throw up, or feces from fabrics, and help to keep your furniture looking good as new.

People know to clean their bathroom, and they know to change their table cloths, have the carpets cleaned, and wipe down their tables after big parties. However, often the furniture gets forgotten. If your furniture gets regular use, especially if you have teenagers in the house, every two years or so, furniture can be freshened up as a way to eliminate unwanted odors and preserve the quality of the furniture. The life of your cloth covered dining room chairs, for example, can be extended simply by adding upholstery cleaning to your next carpet cleaning. Or, add a room of carpet cleaning to a scheduled upholstery cleaning in order to avoid an additional minimum service charge. Combining our cleaning services is a great way to save money. Tacking on six dining room chairs or an ottoman to your annual carpet cleaning saves you money and time.

Our crew is able to perform steam cleaning or dry cleaning depending on your needs. Many upholstery companies recommend annual cleaning to maintain the quality of the fabrics, we find that families that have upholstery cleaning done every other year easily stay ahead of the game.

Call us today for a FREE estimate to freshen all the fabrics in your life.

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