7 Tips to Avoid Fire & Smoke Damage

7 Tips to Avoid Fire & Smoke Damage

Whether your house is struck by lightning, has a candle turned over, has a firecracker land on the roof or explode in your garage, a burned deck because your charcoal grill went down, your friend smoking outside flicks a burning butt into your mulch, your kitchen catches fire during cooking, or matches were mishandled, J & K Complete Services is here to get you back into your home faster without any residual fire smells.

24 Hour Emergency Service will help get you quickly back into your home or business.

Here are seven ways you can avoid Fire and Smoke Damage:

*Storms: keep candles away from drapery and open windows, don’t sleep with lit candles.

*Cookouts: keep grills on level ground and ten feet away from buildings if possible.

*Fire Detectors: Check the batteries in all Fire and Smoke alarms.

*Celebrations: Store fireworks outside the home in a metal box in a cool area.

*Kitchen Fires: Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in kitchen and garage.

*Cooking with Oil: have flour or baking soda near by when using frying oil

*Computer Servers: Air Conditioning Systems can be taxed keeping up with summer heat.

Fire and Smoke related accidents happen, there’s no reason to be ashamed, just call J & K Complete Services to come clean it up.

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