Strange Odor in Your Home?

Whether you own or work with residential or commercial properties, you may sometimes encounter a strange odor. We are experts in identifying and eliminating them.

Weird smell coming from your attic? Noticing an increased number of flies in your house/office? You may have a dead animal in your attic or crawl space. Animals seek shelter in the winter. This past winter was extremely cold, causing an increase in animals finding shelter outside of their natural habitats.

Musty smell in your basement? It could be that you need some mold remediation.

Do you ever hug a family member or friend and notice a sour smell? Closets don’t get good air circulation and can grow mold more easily than other areas in your living space. J & K Complete Services can remove mold and damp smells from closet walls and their contents.

Bathroom smelling bad even with air fresheners? Commercial property owners may want to be especially aware of a sewer smell coming up from the toilet. It can be an early warning sign that a sewer back up may be about to happen. Although it is illegal, oil dumping does happen in industrial drainage areas, which can lead to a sewer back up.

Do pet odors stop you from inviting friends over? We can use special treatments for furniture and carpets to remove pet hair, oil and urine smells.

Cigarette smell after a tenant move out? We can clean and deoderize walls, air, furniture, drapery, and carpets.

J & K Complete Services offers free estimates for all odor removal jobs. Call us today to come check out those strange odors. 301-206-2500

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