Green Stuff On Your Deck/Siding = Pressure Washing

Spring is the perfect time to call J & K Complete Services for Pressure Washing/Power Washing to brighten the outside of your home. If you’re the proud owner of deck/patio and are frustrated at the build up of green or grey algae that seems to keep spoiling your beautiful wood, help is at hand.  Mold or green algae is a very common problem on wood siding and concrete and it isn’t something to be overly worried about.  The bad news is that there appears to be no way of stopping it from happening over time.  Not only do mold and algae spoil the look of your deck, but also they make it slippery to walk on, so action can be taken to remove it!

Our process involves wetting the wood with water, then applying a gentle cleaner that is harmless to plants and grass. The cleaner loosens up the built up algae, mold, and mildew. Then, we use a pressure washer to rinse away the build up and cleaning solution, which leaves the wood clean and able to absorb the clear weatherproofing that we apply after the deck has had two full days to dry with no rain. If colored stain is desired, we will be glad to put you in touch with our referral partner who will be able to give you a free estimate and expertly apply whatever product you request.

The same goes for cleaning your vinyl siding, concrete sidewalks, driveways, or fences. Build up on shady surfaces is common and can easily be removed by J & K Complete Services. Our estimator will set honest expectations about outcomes for particular surfaces or areas of your home. For example, oxidation on aluminum siding can be brightened, and like an old car that has oxidized, this process cannot restore weather damaged paint. Call us today for a free, no obligation pressure washing estimate. You don’t even need to be home if the estimator can get onto the property to look (with your permission of course). Our estimates are good through September, so call now for your free estimate so you can plan ahead for budgeting purposes.

Are you considering a Memorial Day Kickoff Party or a Fourth of July Barbecue? Is your HOA sending you citations about the appearance of your home? Now is a great time to get an estimate for sprucing up your deck and siding with Pressure Washing by J & K Complete Services. Call now to set an appointment 301-206-2500.

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